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Four Segments, One Project

The project is organized into four segments between the existing Wilmarth Substation located in Mankato, Minnesota, and a connection point at the Mississippi River near Kellogg. The segments include both new and upgraded lines. Explore our interactive map below, then learn about our Routing Process and Permitting Process.

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Segment 1: Mankato to Faribault

Build about 40 miles of new 345 kV transmission lines in existing transmission corridors between the Wilmarth Substation near Mankato and near the West Faribault Substation in Faribault.

Segment Owner: Xcel Energy

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Segment 2: Faribault to Pine Island

Build about 35-40 miles of new 345 kV transmission lines in either a new corridor and/or in existing transmission corridors from near the West Faribault Substation to the North Rochester Substation near Pine Island.

Segment Owner: Xcel Energy

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Segment 3: Pine Island to Kellogg

Convert about 26 miles of 161 kV line to 345 kV line and install about 16 miles of new 345 kV line on existing structures between the North Rochester Substation and the Mississippi River.

Segment Owners: Xcel Energy, Dairyland Power Cooperative, Rochester Public Utilities, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

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Segment 4: Rochester Connector

Build about 20 miles of a new single-circuit 161 kV line from the North Rochester Substation to an existing transmission line northeast of Rochester.

Segment Owners: Xcel Energy, Dairyland Power Cooperative, Rochester Public Utilities, Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

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Segment Owners

Xcel Energy, Dairyland Power Cooperative, Rochester Public Utilities and Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency are developing this project to serve southern Minnesota. Xcel Energy will develop and own the infrastructure in segments 1 and 2, while all project partners will participate in segments 3 and 4. All segments will be permitted together.

  • Xcel Energy
  • Dairyland Power Cooperative
  • Rochester Public Utilities
  • Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency

Routing Process

Our route selection process is a multi-step analysis that identifies route alternatives with minimal impacts to humans and the environment. The routing process generally includes:

Preliminary routes were evaluated to identify potential impacts, including proximity to residences, opportunities to share corridors (including roads and other transmission lines), impacts to agriculture, locations of protected lands and resources, aesthetics, and other concerns.

We held public open houses in May and collected feedback on the preliminary route options.

Once preliminary routes were identified, we gathered input from the public, local governments, Tribes and resource agencies to help refine the preliminary routes. Your feedback about specific constraints or challenges on preliminary routes, or identification of alternative route opportunities, was especially helpful as we developed the project. This feedback was considered in the preliminary routes, which underwent a more detailed comparative analysis.

Refined route options were presented in September 2023 - view the Events page to the view meeting materials.

The refined routes developed in the previous step were included in our combined Route Permit and Certificate of Need application to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. There will be opportunities to comment on the application and other regulatory activities for this project. Find out more in the Permitting Process section below.

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Updated April 16, 2024

Permitting Process

Follow the Proceedings

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    1. To follow the Certificate of Need proceedings, enter 22-532, then select “Add to List”.
    2. To follow the Route Permit proceedings, enter 023-157 then select “Add to List”.
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View the Certificate of Need and Route Permit Application

File Certificate of Need and Route Permit Application

In April 2024, Xcel Energy filed a combined Certificate of Need and Route Permit Application with the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission proposing two route options for the Mankato-Mississippi River Transmission Project.

Public Scoping Meetings

The Public Utilities Commission and Department of Commerce have begun the regulatory review process. The review process includes determining if the application is complete or needs additional information, public scoping meetings where landowners can provide feedback on what issues should be considered in an Environmental Impact Statement (including issues affecting land use and human impacts), and offer alternative suggestions for the Commission to consider.

After the scoping meetings, there will be other opportunities for review and comment, including public hearings overseen by an Administrative Law Judge. Following an extensive review process the Commission will consider all information and feedback before deciding if the project is needed (Certificate of Need), and, if so, what will be the project route (Route Permit application).

Environmental Impact Statement

The Department of Commerce, Energy and Environmental Analysis (EERA) will hold public meetings to answer questions and identify the scope of what will be reviewed in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Those issues can include land use, such as impacts to agricultural operations, and other issues such as human impacts like proximity to homes. Landowners and other stakeholders can also submit alternative routes and route segments to be reviewed as part of this process.

A draft of the EIS will be published and comments accepted; the full EIS will be submitted as part of the project record.

Public Hearings

The project will likely be assigned to an Administrative Law Judge who will schedule public hearings throughout the project area to gather feedback from the community. When the hearings are scheduled, landowners will receive notifications in the mail from the Commission. The meeting schedule will be posted here on the website and advertised in local newspapers.

Commission Decision

The Commission will review all information in the record, including the application and other information submitted by Xcel Energy, and all comments and information provided by landowners, members of the public and other stakeholders. This fact sheet provides more information about the review process: Minnesota Regulatory Review Process for Transmission Lines.

Upcoming Events

In the coming months, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission will hold public hearings as part of the route application review process.

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